Thursday 20 December 2012

Oh no, not them again

If you thought that Neil and Christine Hamilton had left politics for good, think again.

Michael Crick reports that both are likely to become UKIP MEPs in 2014.

Neil Hamilton’s political career and subsequent disgrace in the cash-for-questions affair are now largely forgotten. He and especially Christine are much better known as regulars on the TV chat show/game show/reality show circuit.

But is politics to entertainment then back to politics a smart move? The only precedent for this career trajectory is not a happy one. Robert Kilroy-Silk moved from being a Labour MP to a daytime TV host to a UKIP MEP. He then fell out with UKIP (as UKIP MEPs so often do) and formed his own party (Veritas), which he also fell out with before disappearing into obscurity.

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