Sunday 9 December 2012

“Green movement has been an abject failure”

Provocative stuff from Nick Feik in the Melbourne Age. Feik is no climate change denier; rather, he wants effective action. He argues that, while the environmental movement has changed hearts and minds, it has failed to bring in effective solutions to the threat of climate change and needs to rethink its strategy radically:
If the civil rights movement were as unsuccessful as the environmental movement has been, Rosa Parks’ granddaughter would still be sitting in the back of a segregated bus.
She might be secure in the knowledge that a global consensus had formed against racial discrimination, but she would still be sitting there.
Like the civil rights movement, environmentalism has changed the way we think. It has engendered a new respect for the natural world, an understanding of the delicate balance of life in our biosphere and mass engagement on the most important issue of all, climate change.
Yet it has failed in a profound way.
As a movement ushering in solutions to halt or slow climate change, it has been catastrophically ineffective.
Worst of all, it appears it’s now too late for environmentalists to win the fight.

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