Saturday 1 December 2012

Good news for caffeine fans

One of the most irritating features of modern politics is the habit of politicians, who have lost power over many things that matter, compensating by intruding into areas of private morality, such as our diets.

So it is good to hear that, contrary to the advice of dietary moralists, there is a strong case for drinking as much coffee as you like.

Life is imitating art. In Woody Allen’s film ‘Sleeper’, health food restaurant owner Miles Monroe (played by Allen) wakes up 200 years in the future and discovers that everything he thought was true is wrong.

Two doctors supervising Monroe shortly after he has woken up discuss his case:
Dr. Melik: Well, he’s fully recovered, except for a few minor kinks.
Dr. Agon: Has he asked for anything special?
Dr. Melik: Yes, this morning for breakfast. He requested something called wheat germ, organic honey and tiger’s milk.
Dr. Agon: [laughs] Oh, yes. Those were the charmed substances that some years ago were felt to contain life-preserving properties.
Dr. Melik: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies? Or hot fudge?
Dr. Agon: Those were thought to be unhealthy, precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.
Dr. Melik: Incredible.
Later, another doctor gives Monroe some bad news:
Dr. Orva: You must understand that everyone you knew in the past has been dead nearly 200 years.
Miles Monroe: But they all ate organic rice.
POSTSCRIPT: More good news. It turns out that chips are healthy as well.

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