Saturday 2 March 2013

Racist Headline of the Month

What with all the racist and xenophobic bile poured out by the tabloids every day, this is a tough competition to win. But last week’s Sunday Express triumphed with:
‘Avoid London, it’s full of Pakistanis,’ Romanians warn fellow migrants
Combining hatred of Pakistanis and Romanians is enough to give any bigot an orgasm. But what clinches it is the opening paragraph:
Romanians preparing to swamp Britain next year are insulting British towns and cities and making racist comments about fellow immigrants on the internet.
Yes, the Express is being racist while purporting to criticise “racist comments”. Cant is piled upon cant when a UKIP spokesman is wheeled out to condemn xenophobia.

The Daily and Sunday Express are owned by Express Newspapers, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell (which also owns the Daily Star and Channel 5 TV), which in turn is 100% owned by former pornographer Richard Desmond. Actually, the man Private Eye calls ‘Dirty Des’ is not a ‘former’ pornographer since, although he no longer publishes smutty magazines, his company still owns several adult TV channels.

The soft porn we can live with, since the worst that is likely to happen is a few sprained wrists among adolescent boys. It’s the whipping up of race hatred that is inexcusable, and with this story the Express has shown that it is willing to promote not only hatred of ethnic minorities but also hatred between ethnic minorities.

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