Wednesday 27 February 2013

Trident: the Lab-Con coalition

The Independent reports that the Labour Party “will fight the next general election on a pledge to retain Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent”:
Although some advisers to Ed Miliband want him to opt for a scaled-down, cheaper alternative to the current Trident system, there are growing signs that Labour will join the Conservatives in backing a £25billion “like-for-like” replacement.
The reason for Labour’s likely stance turns out to be Big Willy Politics:
...the Tories’ support for full Trident renewal would allow them to portray Labour as “soft” on safeguarding the nation’s security if the Labour manifesto opts for an approach similar to that of the Lib Dems.
Is that what Britain’s defence policy has come to? Instead of making either party look more manly, it makes both look like complete knob-ends.

1 comment:

  1. Buying a nuclear deterrent that the country can't afford makes it harder to criticise North Korea.


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