Sunday 10 February 2013

“Lib Dems are still not addressing their race problem”

The Liberal Democrats have little or no credibility on racial issues because they have no black and minority ethnic MPs and have little to say on racial issues.

That is the depressing conclusion of Lester Holloway (a Liberal Democrat councillor in Sutton and an executive member of the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats), writing on the New Statesman blog:
In every area of public life – from education, to health, to criminal justice – there are big issues of racial inequality that demand serious policy answers. Yet despite the Lib Dems wearing equality on their sleeves, the party has singularly lacked ideas for tackling these issues.
To help remedy this neglect, the Social Liberal Forum and Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats are jointly hosting a one-day conference next Saturday (16th February) in London. Register online here – all welcome.

POSTSCRIPT: The SLF/EMLD one-day conference scheduled for 16th February has been postponed because of the Eastleigh by-election.

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