Wednesday 30 January 2013

So you think you believe in evidence-based policy?

Try this for size.

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  1. So cats kill billions of mammals. So what? That's what they are supposed to do. They were domesticated in the first place in order to keep down vermin. The only question that matters is whether they threaten the survival of any particular species. This has happened in NZ and some islands where there are birds with no natural predators, but nowhere in Europe or North America.

    I currently live in Alberta where it is almost illegal to let your cat out of doors. I say almost because it isn't a criminal offence, but your neighbour is entitled to trap your cat if it strays into his garden and then you have to pay a fine to get it out of the city pound. The result has been an upsurge in rodent infestation. One of the native species of mice carries the Hanta virus which is deadly to humans. The alternative pest control is poison which pollutes the environment far more than cats.

    All the Scientific American report does is provide more evidence that Americans have an uneasy relationship with nature and a damn odd attitude to cats, which any cat lover living in N.Am knows already. Only in N.Am is it legal to de-claw your cat, the equivalent of removing your fingers to the first knuckle, and regarded as animal cruelty almost everywhere else.

    Jane Leaper


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