Sunday 27 January 2013

Meanwhile, on Planet Tory...

“Tory Obama plots to oust the PM” is the sensationalist headline in today’s Mail on Sunday. MP and multi-millionaire Adam Afriyie is said to be behind a “secret bid for party leadership”.

What, you mean David Cameron’s speech on Europe was not enough to satisfy Tory backbenchers?

The Mail certainly thinks so. It assures us that, “News of the cloak-and-dagger moves rocked No.10”.

Actually, the chances of this ‘stalking horse’ rocking anything are rather slim. For all the Mail’s hype, the truth is revealed several paragraphs into the story:
Mr Afriyie... is said to be frustrated at failing to be appointed a Minister.
While his main supporter Mark Field...
...was sacked as a frontbencher by Mr Cameron.
As Cameron himself might say, “Calm down, dear.”

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