Sunday 27 January 2013

Nice try, Theresa May, but I’m still British

Theresa May has rewritten the UK citizenship test to conform to Tory prejudices. And according to the Sunday Telegraph, the Life in the UK handbook for migrants taking the test has also had a makeover:
Out go politically correct sections on how to complain about being arrested and “mundane information about water meters”, and in come “the events and people who have helped make Britain a great place to live”, ministers said.
So I took the quiz included in the Telegraph’s report and scored 100%. That’s probably because I know slightly more about Admiral Nelson than water meters, which is obviously what matters in contemporary Britain.

No Liberal Democrat minister appears to have been on hand to offer a comment on this reform. In any case, there was no mention of Admiral Nelson or Stonehenge in the coalition agreement.

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday reveals that the new citizenship test includes questions about Monty Python. Does this mean the test has been drawn up not by the Home Office but the Ministry of Silly Walks?

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  1. One minor point -- it's not actually a citizenship test at all, though people keep referring to it as one. Passing the test doesn't allow you to be a citizen, just to have indefinite leave to remain in the country.


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