Saturday 29 June 2013

Oh no, it’s Ben Ramm again

This morning’s edition of BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster included an interview about Vince Cable with two Liberal Democrats, Nick Thornsby of Liberal Democrat Voice and Ben Ramm, billed as “former editor of The Liberal, regarded as being on the left of the party”.

What was not mentioned is that The Liberal magazine is defunct and has been for four years. During the six years it was published, it ran to only thirteen editions. Throughout that time, it had no influence or standing in the party but was merely a heavily-subsidised vanity project.

As Liberator’s Radical Bulletin column reported in this April’s edition:
Eccentric magazine The Liberal has not been heard of for some years. That hasn’t stopped lazier parts of the media continuing to invite the magazine’s last editor Ben Ramm to act as a respected pundit on party matters.
The Wikipedia page for The Liberal states that it “ran in print from 2004 to 2009 and online until 2012”. But its own website states that there is a “new website coming soon” and has a link to the old website, which touts for subscriptions to a magazine that no longer exists.
Even when The Liberal was in print, Ramm was never considered an authoritative spokesperson for the left of the party (or any other section of the party for that matter). If that is what the producers of the Week in Westminster wanted, they could have gone to the Social Liberal Forum or any one of many councillors or parliamentarians, or indeed to that august journal Liberator. Clearly the producers need to overhaul their outdated contacts list.

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