Saturday 24 November 2012

BBC & NHS: Is there a link?

Former Tory MP and minister Steve Norris asks whether there is a link between the problems of the BBC and NHS.

His answer is not what you might expect.


  1. BTW, I think this needs updating: prinicipally because I'm phone canvassing for a by election in Croydon, so for clarity, but also because I appear to be something of a hybrid between the right wing libertarian (spend a lot of time online) and the 70s radical (love my real ale), but I was born in 77 and am not in the slightest right wing... Perhaps a "bloggers" category? Pale, grumpy, dressed all in black. Also I think LGBT+ should have a section. Prone to unusual hair colours would have to be part of that one...

    1. Er, off-topic. But for the record, the webpage you cite does not need updating. It is simply an online reproduction of an article originally published in the September 2010 edition of the magazine, intended as a satire on the stereotypes to be found at party conference. With all due respect, you are not a stereotype!

    2. I know, but I couldn't find a contact email.

      Why should an online repro of an article not be updated to fit with changing times? People are still going to search and find it now.... You could always republish it as a Updated Field Guide...

    3. The article does not need updating, since it was written only two years ago and nothing has changed significantly since then to warrant an update. In any case, it was written as a satire, not a page for Wikipedia!


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