Wednesday 29 May 2013

No prizes for being dull

On the New Statesman’s blog, Liberal Democrat blogger Richard Morris says that the Tories may be mad swivel-eyed loons, but at least they’re coherent mad swivel-eyed loons:
I am beginning to wonder if, entirely by accident, it’s the Tories who are moving towards a coherent position for 2015, while we in the Lib Dems look like the straight laced, steady as you go, slightly conformist middle men.
Yes, the Liberal Democrats are currently the better behaved half of the coalition. But if their overriding aim is not to frighten the horses, they will fail to offer a compelling vision for the future and won’t rally much support at the next election.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself why, despite the recent self-inflicted damage to the Tories, Liberal Democrat opinion poll ratings stubbornly continue to average 10%, as they have done since the autumn of 2010.

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